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Some people don’t accept our age gap relationship?

Jane asked:

I am a 30 year old woman and I have been for the past 10 months in a relationship with a man of 46. I love him and he loves me and although we kept our relationship quiet initially from friends and family most people now know we are together and most are happy for us but some are not so kind. My boyfriend has been ill for a long time and does look a little older than his years where as I am a health nut and look younger than I am. Some of our mutual friends all male have commented that my partner must have a secret stash of money or that I have daddy issues and one even called up after he found out I was with him to ask what I was thinking! My parents who always brought me up to believe that love was more important than race, age, beliefs etc cannot accept him at my partner is 7 years younger than my father but they still feel I have been seduced by a dirty old man. I try to explain that I am 30 now and not a child but to no avail!
Why won’t these people accept us?

How Do I Seduce My Partner


lovefool1050 asked:

How important is it to you that your partner is good in bed??? (Feel free to add details if you want)

a) Not very, it’s what’s inside that matters, and whatever they don’t know I’ll teach them anyway.

b) Somewhat important, I’d like for them to atleast know the basics, and be a good kisser.

c) Kind of important, they better have some idea of what they’re doing so that they can seduce me. ;-)
d) Very important, they better know their techniques well so that they can give me the ultimate pleasure, and seduce the HECK out of me. ;D

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Only answer if you listen to horoscopes?

Genna M asked:

Me and my partner have been together for 5months and have just moved into a flat near where we both live. I am a capricorn and he is a pisces. I have read that pisces can be flighty and can wonder into the arms of other exciting women. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t live by these horoscopes but I do believe that some people are like their signs. I was just wondering if there’s any pisces men out there or people that have been with a pisces male. How do I seduce him and romance him, I do love him, and Its more and more each day. just need some advise. thanks.

Asking again, I need so much help?

Maria asked:

So I was seeing a guy last year, we broke up (mutually) but I still love him. But he likes a new girl now, and I have to see him flirt with her 24/7 and it absolutely kills me. Especially when we agreed to be just friends but he completely blew me off today. At dance lessons, I was late so he decided to become partners with the new girl (I was his partner first)……so for 3 hours I had to watch them do a seducing dance. I honestly wanted to die, it hurt so much. Now he’s estatic over it, but the other girl doesn’t even like him. Can someone give me advice, I want to move on but I feel stuck….and this is taking it’s toll on me.

“I want to seduce my wife”….

My wife cheated on my with her step dad?

seduce wife
littleoldlady1 asked:

I have been married for 3 years now and over this last weekend I caught my wife cheating on me. I found a condom wrapper off to the side of our bed after her step father was over when I was working. When I came home they were both acting a little strange.

What should I do? At this point she does not know I know. I keep thinking I should contact her mother and video tape me seducing her then make my wife watch it over and over. She disgusts me.
And no it was not my condom. We both have herpes so we dont need to use protection with each other, which is why I know her step dad made sure to use one.

how do i get my wife in the mood?

In ‘Rigoletto’ the Duke of Mantua, a rather dissolute nobleman, tries to seduce ______________?

seduce wife
shane c asked:

his wife’s younger sister
the daughter of his court jester
the wife of his best friend
the wife of his most valiant general

Husbands.What could your wife do to really get you in the mood?

seduce wife
Anna O asked:

My husband works a lot, he builds houses, so at the end of the day he is so tired. Too tired to put much thought into seducing me. We are a young married couple in great shape but don’t do as much love making as we would like. So I want to seduce him, what would be a great way to get his full attention and really turn him on?

“I want to seduce my wife”….

What underwear is sexiest on a man for him to wear to seduce his woman?

seduce wife
johanng. asked:

Be specific… Wanna get my wife pregnant with a baby…

The 7 Seduce Wife Mistakes…

How can I grab her attention,seduce her,then rock her world?

seduce wife
FORDMAN asked:

My wife and I have been married for 13 years.We have 3 children,aging parents,we each have a career,countless other demands.To top it off,she is a perfectionist in all things,so she is always stressed about somthing.Often she has not much time and energy left at the end of the day for romance.
What do you sugest?

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how come when a man cheats on his wife people allways blames the “mistress”?

seduce wife
sarahnail456 asked:

i emailed a old bf after my divorce,he was married with a child.I did not seduce him or make him leave his wife.we just talked about old times and he told me how unhappy he was in his marriage.he said his wife had made his life hell and nothing he did could make her happy,he was just staying for his childs sake.well one thing led to another and we slept together and he left his wife for i guilty?yes but so is he.he was the one to leave his wife not me.if he had told me he was happy and to leave him alone i would have.i now have his wife showing up at my house at all hours and calling me saying she wants her husband back.well now 6 mons later i just found out hes been cheating on me with someone at work.what comes around goes around i guess.i do feel bad for what i have done but why is all the blaim allways placed on “the other women” after all this his wife still wants him back

more intimacy in relationship (for men only)

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